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10 Facial Treatment and skin care Tips
10 Facial Treatment and skin care Tips

10 Facial Treatment and skin care Tips

1. Please note – the sun damages your skin!

It is important to use sunscreen all year round. Most people do not know that skin aging is related in its core to unprotected sun exposure. Exposure to sunlight even if we are not talking about direct radiation, such as in-house room lighting, might damage the skin and accelerates the aging. Sun Protection is the best anti-aging protection for you and it is important to start protecting it as early as possible, skin aging prevention.


2. Keep your skin clean at all times

Make sure you carefully clean your facial skin every night, cleaning dissolves the fat, dirt and Mike – up residues of the day. The goal is to remove excess fat and not removing the protective layer on the skin, so we prefer to use a gentle light soap (such as vegetable soap or soap that is dedicated for this purpose). Apply the soap into your skin using the fingertips or small pads in circular motions, rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat the process, if necessary (avoid hot water! As hot water dryes and irritate most skin types).


3. Renew Your Facial Skin

The role of peeling cream is to clean your skin thoroughly, remove impurities and dead cells, refine and soften the skin tissues and provide a uniform color (a light form of skin whitening). It is recommended to use fruit acid peeling agent or creams. The peeling action will cause cell regeneration and stimulate the epidermis, and will make it easy for the skin to “breath”, peeling operation also increases the absorbency of complementary care preparations.


4. Moisturizes Your Skin

It is recommended to choose the right moisturizer for a specific skin type and choose high-quality ingredients that contain antioxidants (such as vitamins, minerals, Co – factors, herbs, oils and other ether oils). In the morning it is recommended to use light cream and a much richer heavier cream at night but do not go overboard so that you allow your skin to breathe during the night. The night moisturizer should be applied at least half an hour before bedtime.


5. Maintain a Proper Diet

It is very important to keep in mind that we treat the skin from the inside as well to enable it to radiate a healthy look and maintain your skin elasticity. It is no secret that the state of our skin and hair reflects the state of our health. Consumption of vitamin A (found in green vegetables and orange fruit), and fatty acids like Omega 3 (found in fish and nuts), and vitamin C (found in citrus fruits) are considered quite efficacious for the look of the skin, as well as important for your overall health. Supplement containing antioxidants such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, artichokes and pecans, inhibits effects that their damages will be apparent only in years to come.


6. Use Dietary Supplements

Regular consumption of supplements helps slow the aging process of the skin and slow the formation of wrinkles, as well as helps improve the downgrading of existing wrinkles. Supplements such as vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, vitamin E and alpha lipoid acid, protects the skin from environmental damage, might slow down skin aging and restore skin’s vibrancy and freshness.


7. Drink a lot of water

Drink large amount of water in order to nourish the skin, the water keeps the skin moist and help remove toxins from your body, you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day (even if there is a debate on the recommended daily water consumption, you can never go wrong with drinking a little too much water). For those who don’t fancy drinking water all day long, drinking water can be replaced by drinking green tea, preferably sweeten with honey or sugar.


8. Add Retinol to your daily routine

Retinol is actually a derivative of vitamin A, and has long been known as most effective in preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Regular use of Retinol helps renew production of collagen in skin tissue and keeps the skin looking fresh and healthy. In the market today there are many creams and Skin Care products containing retinol at different concentrations. Low concentrations of 0.2% to 0.6% are very effective and improve the appearance of the skin.


9. Nurture the skin around your eyes and neck

The area surrounding your eyes needs special care because it is thin and delicate and tends to wrinkle first. Therefore it is recommended to apply eye cream twice a day. Before applying the cream it is recommended to put a nourishing serum that contains antioxidants and rich in vitamins. The serum provides a concentrated dose of nutrients for the skin and should be uses as a basis for more cream. Apart from the convenience of using the serum it has the ability to improve the absorption capacity of the skin. It stores the moisture and leads the nutrients to deeper layers of the skin. You should not forget the neck skin as well. Thin neck skin lacks sebaceous glands and has poor subcutaneous fat layer. So it tends to loosen and premature wrinkling. Hence, It is recommended you apply rich cream to neck skin containing lipids.


10. Smile … And Smile Some More!

Do not forget to smile. The smile movement does wonders for you and the people around you and it is viewed as a mini – massage to facial muscles. Smiling for everyone, especially yourself is (also ..) a wonderful way to maintain flexibility of the facial skin over the years.


In conclusion, here is an extra tip for a light natural way to facial cleaning: (Suitable for all skin types)


Take 1 tablespoon Cosmetic clay; 1 tablespoon of oatmeal powder; 2 tablespoons of milk; 1 drop of lavender essential oil

Mix all ingredients well in a small container. Rub the skin with the mixture using gentle circular motions. Rinse thoroughly, and then apply a moisturizer. You can save the mixture up to two days in the refrigerator, but it is better to prepare it before each use in order to keep it fresh.


We hope you found our Tips helpful!

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