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is anal bleaching a real thing

Is anal bleaching a real Thing

feel good about your body use anal bleachingIs anal bleaching a proper cosmetic procedure? Yes it is. Anal bleaching or intimate area whitening is the process of clarifying and whitens the skin tone around the anus.

Since when did this obsession start? This treatment actually started getting popular in the U.S because it was common for adult film stars erotic dancers to do so.

From there intimate area brightening was thought had gained popularity and spread among members of the gay community, and from there the idea of anal bleaching trickled down to straight people.

Why do people go through this ordeal?

Many people all over the planet are looking for the ideal of perfect beauty (regarding the human body in general and specific part of it in particular), and therefore the anus was not left out.

Intimate area whitening allows women and men to beautify the most intimate area of their bodies, each with its own reasons:

– There are people with different skin pigmentation.

– There are women who have gone through hormonal changes after pregnancy, changing the color of the nipples and vagina.

– continues stool color changed the skin tone around the anus.

– Hair removal in Intimate areas also causes the skin around the anus to blacken.

is anal bleaching safeIs anal bleaching safe?

Yes, the process is safe if done correctly with proper preparations. Using a Hydroquinone based cream (Hydroquinone is the most important ingredient in existing bleaching products) must be done with great care, because the anal area, vagina and nipples are very sensitive areas.

Unprofessional use may cause a burning sensation and itching and temporary constipation.

And an answer to a frequently asked question – what is the black skin color around the anus? The thing that causes the black color around your anus is called Melanin, which is the dark pigment in the skin’s outer layer.

We hope this information was helpful.

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