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Caution – Colon Hydrotherapy Can Kill you

Colon Hydrotherapy means colon cleansing using water, and also widely known as a method for toxins clean up (Detox), allegedly intended to clean up your large intestine due to the harms of modern lifestyle and the poor nutrition resulting of it. In recent years, this method has gained much popularity, and many people undergo such treatments each year. Recently, it was reported that movie star Leonardo DiCaprio undergo such cleanse on regular bases.

Colon Hydrotherapy is dangerous

The cleanse is performed using distilled water at body temperature that is inserted with some pressure into the intestine through the rectum. The procedure takes about an hour, during which the waste accumulated in the intestine should be ejected out of the body. In some cases, it is argued that it may take a few treatments to reach the desired goal. According supporters, after the treatment your intestines will be clean of waste, your organs will perform better and even your immune system will strengthen and recovers.

But now it turns out that this health trend may be dangerous: the Israeli Ministry of Health recently received the complaint of a woman who received Colon Hydrotherapy after which she developed inflammation of the colon with severe complications. The woman, who was healthy prior the treatment, suffered from intestinal perforation and subsequently widespread infection, which caused her severe kidney damage.

caution Colon Hydrotherapy

Following the incident, the National Council of Gastroenterology, Nutrition and Liver Diseases, has been asked by the Ministry of Health advisory field, to review the medical literature on the subject. Conclusions were unequivocal and clear: not only that the treatment is ineffective, it can also prove dangerous.

“Obviously there’s no toxins in the gut and on the contrary, the population of bacteria that lives there permanently preserves and protects it”, says Prof. Zamir Halpern, chairman of the council. “The treatment in question, instead of protecting the natural balance of these bacteria, destroys it, and could cause real damage. Improving the health condition of the intestine can be achieved by improving the diet and not by mechanical cleaning”.

Head of Public Health Services of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Itamar Grotto, added: “Not only is the procedure performed there has no benefit, there is also a real risk, that is Why we advise the public to avoid it”.

“Natural healing treatments based on dietary changes and various enemas under the perception ‘cleansing’, are considered acceptable not Medical treatments, and there is no evidence regarding the safety and effectiveness of the Colon Hydrotherapy treatment”, says Health Ministry spokeswoman E. Shimron-Greenbaum.”This is a lengthy process that takes approximately 50 minutes, including alternate insertion and extraction of a large amount of water, about 15 gallons (60 liter). There are unknown health benefits from the procedure in the medical literature, but there are reports of side effects, which include salt balance disorders, renal failure, bowel perforation, intestinal infections, enteritis and even death.”

Let us know what you think of the dangers of Colon Hydrotherapy.


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