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Does Dukan Diet Work – Side Effects and Nutrition

Dukan Diet – Let say Hi

Dukan Diet was created by a French Dr. named Pierre Dukan in early 2000. The Dr. Dukan diet is very similar to the Atkins diet and other diets built on a very rich protein and low in carbohydrates diet menu.

The similarity between these two fast diets do not end here. Like the Atkins diet, Dukan Diet is made of four stages, which are equivalent more or less (and mostly more) to the protein diets preceding it. The difference perhaps is that Dukan Diet is even more extreme, its menu is more limited, unwanted side effects and significant yet results are great.

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Dukan Diet – How it works

When sticking with a diet menu that offers particularly low amount of calories and avoiding key nutrients, the chance of losing weight is enormous. No wonder Dukan diet menu does the job when the goal is weight loss.

But you should distinguish between weight loss as a result of the positive change in eating habits and weight loss resulting from an unbalanced menu. Resulting with the body showing a not so nice variety of side effects.

Dukan Diet is built on eating lean protein and lots of it. In fact, you may eat all you want and whenever you want from a choice of 72 lean protein foods, such as various fish, eggs, poultry, and dairy products low in fat. The actual declaration that you can eat all you want, and whenever you want, should raise a red flag for dieting enthusiasts. When there are no rules, it may indicate what you are eating does not satisfy all the needs of your body.

eat what you want

Although the second phase of the Dukan diet menu allows you to eat vegetables, and then some fruit and whole grains, Dukan Diet is woefully insufficient to supply you with a balanced diet menu and access to all the nutrients properly.

The result of this eating regime causes, according to the author of the diet itself, unpleasant side effects such as bad breath, constipation, dry mouth, and fatigue (a direct result from a lack of carbohydrates).

Dukan Diet – Four phases 

The first phase of Dukan Diet is called the “attack” phase. Attacking the excess weight by eating lean protein without limitation, plus 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran and at least 1.5 liters of water a day. The goal of the Dukan Diet attack phase is to bring a reduction of about 15 to 22 pounds within ten days at the most. One has to be careful not to continue the attack step beyond ten days.


The second phase of the Dukan Diet is a Cruise stage. Or in a more literal translation, the automatic pilot phase. The idea is to stay at this time for how long it takes, even months, until you reach the desired weight. So this is a very significant step. On the one hand the Dukan Diet cruise stage goal is reasonable: weight loss of 4.5 pounds a week, on the other hand the diet menu is nerrow and might not satisfy the requirements of your body for the medium term / longterm.

To the various types of lean protein we mentioned, now added a list of 28 types of vegetables and low starch and the oat bran amount now exceeding two tablespoons daily. Vegetables such as corn, potatoes or peas stay out of the picture. But what matters even more is that is still no sign of whole grains, carbohydrates, fruits and especially a balanced diet.

The Dukan Diet third phase, consolidation phase is just what it means: keep the weight off. If you thought a diet menu will become more varied, well you are wrong. The Dukan Diet consolidation stage allows you to add more protein to the menu, this time more fatty, such as lamb, as well as one fruit a day (not a whole fruit and no fruit high with sugar or glucose), 2 slices of whole wheat bread, and a slice of cheese. At this point Dr. Dukan also asks for one day a week of eating only protein, this part of the menu is supposed to stay with you forever.

According to the not-so-accurate-science of the Dukan Diet, Those who are able to follow the menu at least for one week per pound taken off relative to the previous steps, could keep the weight off and get used to this protein rich diet.

The fourth and last phase, the stabilization step presents an unrestricted diet menu. The author promises you will keep the weight off long as you keep one day a week of eating lean protein only (like in the menu of the first stage), eat 3 tablespoons of bran oats a day and make sure you are integrating a 20 minute walk every day, and avoiding elevators or escalators.

Dukan Diet – Summary

Does the Dukan Diet Work?

  • Dukan Diet is a crash diet and certainly will cause weight loss, at the expense of an unbalanced diet menu.
  • Dukan Diet may cause persistent side effects.
  • Dukan Diet Menu allows eating gum, sugar, artificial sweeteners, spices and vinegar.
  • Under the Dukan Diet, it is recommended to take a multivitamin while on the diet (this is never a good sign, since multi-vitamins are supposed to provide the missing supplements in our daily menu).
  • You don’t feel hungry with the Dukan Diet, because of the excess protein and lack of carbohydrates leads to a feeling of satiety, but this menu may cause kidney problems, and loss of muscle mass.
  • Please note that the loss of muscle mass is particularly serious because it is very difficult for adults to recapture from this loss.

Click Here for the Dukan Diet Calculator >>

In conclusion, perhaps it is better to look for a more balanced diet menu.

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