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Effective Treatment for Acne in Adults

clean face acne adultAcne is a phenomenon that concerns women and men of all ages and most often associated with testosterone hormone response. Among youth this condition is almost taken for granted due to hormonal changes, and young people fighting them primarily by skin drying treatments. Although adult acne is less common, it certainly can occur at different times and periods of your life.

Contrary to popular belief, acne is not entirely related to low hygiene and there are even claims now that it is not even related to nutrition. Of course, adopting clean facial condition and low-fat diet to help you deal with the problem will not hurt and just might help, but in fact the condition is caused by infection of blocked pores.

Acne appears in parts of the body that have the most sebaceous glands, such as the face, chest and back, and is expressed in different ways: sometimes it appears in the form of black and white dots that are called open comedones, sometimes it appears in the form of lesions inflamed and pus or abscesses that are under the skin. Unlike teenage acne that appears as pimples on the forehead, cheeks and chin in the case of adult acne lesions are usually only around the mouth and chin.

What might be the cause Acne in Adults?

beautiful woman with healthy skin meladrem skin brightening creamAfter moving nutrition and hygiene of the table we are left with:

Stress: Until recently, experts thought there was no connection between the stress and acne, but recent research conducted in Singapore indicates a strong connection between the two. The study was conducted among children in the eleventh grade, during stressful exams that were critical to their future. Boys taking the exams showed more pimples than Boys not taking the exams.

Hormones: Hormones are the most influential factors in the occurrence of acne. Various hormonal disorders related to ovaries and thyroid functions are a common cause for inflamed acne that lingers to the third and fourth decade of your life. On top of that, even people who take cortisone and anti-seizure medications may suffer from adult acne, because they interfere with hormonal mechanism that encourages the creation of milk.

Creams: older women are warned from using rich industrial creams. Rich Creams are sometimes filled in fatty cream. You should treat it like you would a butter croissant – do not go near it! Some experts believe face cream is the number one cause of acne in adulthood. These products stimulate activity and clog pores. Once an outbreak of acne occurs in someone who knows she has oily skin, she should take a treatment including non comedones.

What is the Adult acne Treatment that will make the difference?

Dermatologists believes that you should try in hard cases a treatment called photo-therapy with blue light, That is approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This Blue light Treatment “kills” acne bacteria by a chemical reaction. The Inflammatory element in old age in crucial – The spots are very deep and swollen – so it is important to get rid of the inflammation.

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