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anal bleaching facts

Facts on Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching is the process of bleaching the darker pigmentation on or around the anus, which leaves a lighter skin tone, more similar to your natural skin type. In many cases, women that opt to go through the lightening process are worried that their anal area might appear too dark.

This fear might even hinder them from having an intimate relationship. They believe that something is wrong with their bodies, and they look “dirty”. So they turn to anal bleaching as a solution. The procedure, which involves the implementation cream to the rectal area, is forbidden in France and the UK, due to the active cream ingredients, namely Hydroquinone, a suspected carcinogen. But you can use other chemical substances for skin whitening.

anal brightening cream

The reasons you should perform anal bleaching

This process is as it sounds, a brighter bleached anus, and is performed for cosmetic reasons only. It is used as a way of imparting color to the anus to become more uniform with the surrounding skin. Anal bleaching originated in the adult film industry, but the procedure has gained popularity among exotic dancers.

Later on the idea was slowly implemented in women’s consciousness and is now widely performed. The idea behind this phenomenon is that the most intimate areas of the female body are viewed during sexual activity, and any doubts as to the aesthetic of the region are likely to increase insecurity.

How anal bleaching is created

Melanin, a chemical produced naturally by the body, darkens the skin color as a natural shield from the sun. Hydroquinone, a chemical also used for image processing, hair dyes and rubber manufacturing, mercury and other chemicals, inhibit the skin from producing melanin, and brighten the treated skin area.

Bleach temporarily relieves skin color, but exposure to ultraviolet rays may re-oxidize the skin, and create a darker look then it was in the past. For this simple reason, most skin whitening procedures warn against exposure to sunlight immediately after treatment. Rectum, however, receive little exposure, if any, of direct sunlight so no worries there.

Anal bleaching safety

Hydroquinone prolonged use may thicken collagen fibers, resulting in pimples on the skin. In addition, the whitening process can also cause chemical burns on a naturally already sensitive area.

There are other bleaching products, such as azelaic acid, are less toxic, but still function as a factor that inhibits reduction in melanin production and increase the possible skin complications of long-term. As with any cosmetic surgery, there are risks that may or may not outweigh the potential benefits. It is recommended to consult your doctor before the procedure. Number of anal bleaching kits cosmetic institute’s advertisers or evidence of safety procedure, but the risks associated with long-term exposure to chemicals, especially carcinogens is well known.

How to perform anal bleaching

If you are aware of the darkness ton of your skin near the anus, there are a number of possible directions to address the situation:

Beauty Salons Anal Bleaching Treatments – anal bleaching is a popular treatment performed in beauty salons for a long time. The salon laminates the pigment around the outside of the anus. Experienced anal bleaching technician can make patients feel comfortable with that intimate part of the body.

Anal bleaching cream – cream is a popular alternative treatments beauty salon. If a woman is embarrassed receiving intimate care from a stranger, she can apply its own brightening cream. Many great products are available on the market, and many women prefer Intilight whitening cream.

Homemade Anal bleaching cream – Today you can simply purchase a brightening product and duplicate the ingredients at home. There are several recipes using oxidation and bleaching, you can try them out in the comfort your home, at a cost of pennies and with complete discretion.

Let us know what works for you!

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