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How to Get Hot Tub Folliculitis Treatment
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How to Get Hot Tub Folliculitis Treatment

Folliculitis is a painful and embarrassing skin condition that comes from the infection of a hair follicle with some type of bacteria [Generally the Staphylococcus (staph) bacteria]. This could be several kinds of bacteria’s and can cause many different symptoms. When you think that you have Folliculitis you will notice a rash, whitehead pimples, painful skin, boils or carbuncles that appear on your skin. Each hair follicle can have up to five pimples on it so the rash can be huge. Having this painful rash can sometimes be cause by hot tub Folliculitis. These break outs come from being in hot water for prolonged periods of time. They cause serious rashes and can be contagious if you cross contaminate with someone else.

What causes Hot Tub Folliculitis?

The exact bacterial that causes hot tub Folliculitis is Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is caused when the hot tub or Jacuzzi is not properly cleaned and has a chance to grow bacteria on it. You may develop a rash that becomes extremely itchy and painful to touch. It can swell up or you may not see the rash at all. The signs and symptoms of these bacteria can become severe and you should contact your doctor if you experience any of these problems: fever, pain, distortion of your stomach, severe diarrhea, or hallucinations. These are serious side effects of the bacteria and are unusual in most cases.

Hot Tub Folliculitis Treatment

When it is time for treatment of hot tub Folliculitis then you have some simple treatments to choose from. Some of the medicines are over the counter and you do not even have to make a doctor’s appointment or prescription to get the condition fixed up. Skin cleansers are a great way to try and clear up Folliculitis originated from hot tubs. Things such as clean and clear, Proactive, and Noxzema are ways to start the treatments cheap and easy. You can also try antifungal creams to apply to the topical areas for help with the itching and burning.

If these treatments do not work or the symptoms persist then you should see your doctor about antibiotics and more potent creams to try. Everyone is different so remember that as you are trying different creams and treatments for your rash and painful irritation.

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Hot Tub Folliculitis Prevention

When you do not clean your hot tub correctly you will spread germs and infections. Bacteria’s cling to the sides of the tub and float in the water attaching themselves to the nearest person. Using a public facility like a gym can always be dangerous if you do not take precaution. Always take the time to rinse thoroughly in a shower after exiting any public hot tub or Jacuzzi. This simple step can save you from getting this painful rash and spreading it to the people that you love. Knowing how to be aware of these bacteria’s and infections is a great way to use prevention.

In Conclusion

Taking care of your skin is important. Attracting bacteria’s is going to happen to everyone whether we like it or not. The best way to handle this is learn how to prevent these infections from getting onto your skin in the first place.

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