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south beach whitening intimate area cream

Intimate and Bright – South Beach Skin Brightening Review

We all want to look as good as we possibly can, build great confidence in our appearance, especially when thinking of the most intimate areas of the body.

South Beach Company has developed a natural skin brightening product created specifically for use in intimate areas, with years of proven results. With advanced formulas South Beach is natural and doesn’t contain strong chemicals such as Hydroquinone or Kojic acid, to avoid dangerous side effects.

This skin brightening gel is excellent for all skin types, in these intimate areas: Crotches, around the anus, Breast, nipples, armpit and hips. It does a great job for skin whitening on “regular” areas brightening age spots on your face and Hands.

intimate area whitening cream

The Gel is made of natural ingredients, safe gentle and easy to use. The product dries quickly, is not sticky, no irritation, has no odor and free of hydroquinone. Special formulations without preservatives, alcohol and colorants.

Needless to say it was not tested on animals!

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How does the South Beach intimate area skin brightening gel works:

At the first phase the brightening Gel will gently peel a layer of skin.

On phase two of the process the gel will insert to the deeper layers of the skin the complex mixture of natural components. This will cause integration of the natural skin tone with the dark skin for a lighter skin ton in the treated area. This process clarifies the skin and reduces the activity of tyrosine TYROSINASE (responsible for melanin synthesis). The end result is new skin “mixed” with your natural skin for a brighter result.

How to use South Beach intimate area skin brightening gel:

Apply the gel over the desired area in a circular motion until it is absorbed in the skin twice a day, morning and evening.

Desired result are expected when used daily (morning and evening) for at least 8 weeks. Results depend on the area of treatment and are individual.

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