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What Kind of Skin Types are there and why is it so important beautiful white skin

What Kind of Skin Types are there?

What Kind of Skin Types are there beautiful white skinBelieve it or not there are actually five different skin types. Each type of skin has some good qualities to it and they each have their drawbacks.

We all know this situation were most families eventually buy one kind of soap and everyone in the family that is supposed to bathe with it. I hope you understand that following this type of consumer behavior that is undoubtedly more convenient is not necessarily the correct way to go. Each type of skin needs a different type of soap to cleanse it and keep it healthy. This is why not all soaps are right for all people and their respectable skin types. You have to treat your skin with the products that are best for it and the rest of your family needs to do the same.

Skin Types

You need to know the five basic types of skin and their characteristics in order to be able to provide your family with their skincare needs.

1)      Normal Skin is attractive and has no problematic areas. People with this type of skin can use most products on the market with no ill effects. Their skin loos vibrant and alive.

2)      Oily Skin has shiny patches where the skin contains too much oil and the oil shows. The oiliest places will usually be located around your nose and your chin. Cleaning oily skin frequently will help to reduce the amount of oil that you see. You should use an astringent to clean this type of skin because the astringent will help to dry up the oil.

3)      Dry Skin is itchy, flaky, and it needs some moisture. You should never use an astringent on dry skin. Dry skin requires daily moisturizing with lotions. You especially want to use a moisturizing soap and a moisturizing cream before you leave the house each day. Dry skin can become very problematic if not cared for correctly.

4)      Combination Skin is something that a large number of people actually have. These individuals will normally have dry skin on their cheeks and then around their noses, on their foreheads, and on their chins they will have oily skin. This skin as to be treated very carefully. You do not want to apply an astringent or a harsh cleaner to the dry areas. Try using an astringent on a cleansing pad and only use it where the oils are. On the dry portions you will need to moisturize. You can also moisturize the oily parts of your skin if you do so lightly.

5)      Sensitive Skin is normally a very dry skin type. It normally feels very tight and drawn. It is very easy to inflame this type of skin with new cleansing products so you have to be careful about what ingredients are in the products you buy. Try and choose ingredients you have used without any complications. If you try a new product, or ingredient, then you should use it on a very small patch of skin to see how you are going to react to it before applying it over a large portion of your body.

Knowing the skin types in the household will help you select bath soaps and other beauty supplies for your family.

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