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Professional Skin Whitening – What It Involves
Professional Skin Whitening – What It Involves

Lookin For Professional Skin Whitening – What It Involves

Skin whitening lies along the borders of dermatological and cosmetic procedures. This is perhaps the reason why you will come across skin whitening products both in cosmetic offices and in the dermatological offices. Depending on the hyperpigmentation type that you wish to get rid of, one of these setting is suggested. For instance, if you only wish to treat brown spots, a spa or cosmetic salon may be quite good in doing the job. However, if your hyperpigmentation is heightened, you might want to consult a professional skin doctor to deal with the procedure and take care of it all throughout.


How to know what type of skin you have

How to know what type of skin you have

BHA, ABA as well as Retinoid are great examples of substances that can promote skin exfoliation. When the substance that will be used on the skin have been selected, the skin will be cleaned thoroughly, so that no impurities will be left on the skin. Afterwards, the substance is applied on the skin surface to undergo treatment and left behind for 10 to 30 minutes, which depends on the substance concentration as well as the severity of the problem and lastly, the skin type.


The substance is then removed gently and the skin undergoes re-cleaning, so that there will be no substance left on the skin. Then, a moisturizer is placed in order to prevent dryness and soothe the skin. After a day or so, the skin will begin to peel off or turn flaky. Avoid the mistake of picking your skin during this point as it may lead to scarring. Specific indications will be provided by the dermatologist depending on the skin type and substance that has been utilized for the treatment.


Other forms of professional treatments include microdermabrasion, laser treatment and skin bleaching treatments. Skin bleaching can be quite the same to the treatment mentioned above, but in bleaching, the skin will not undergo peeling, but will begin to discolor eventually. Laser treatments involve a cleaning stage as well as the actual stage where gel is applied onto the skin along with laser light. After which, the gel is taken out of the face and specific indications are provided to the client. This type of treatment typically entails more than one meeting and this should be thoroughly discussed with the skin doctor.


Professional treatments can be safe when performed by specialists. But then, the prices can be too big and not all people can afford the cost.


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