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Main Causes Of Brown Spots and Skin Darkening
Main Causes Of Brown Spots and Skin Darkening

Main Causes Of Brown Spots and Skin Darkening

Skin is one of our precious treasures. It gives us protection against the harsh environment and regarded as the most valuable and beautiful possession that we could have. It is the reflection of our beauty and health at once. This is why we should keep it healthy and looking good as possible. Sadly, there are a lot of factors that can destroy both the health and aspect of the skin. Brown spots and dark patches are just two of the most common conditions that can affect the way skin looks.


A lot of people worldwide, regardless of the environment and skin color have to deal with two skin problems: brown spots and dark patches. Learning how to treat these effectively and avoid further appearance is required to come across the factors that caused these.


  1. Sun

The sun is perhaps the most essential factor that sets off dark patches and brown spots. This is because the melanin- which is the substance that gives the skin its dark color is created in huge quantities when the skin gets too much exposure to the sun. Areas that are most affected by the harmful sun rays include the face, upper arms, shoulders, chest and back. These areas are prone to dark patches and dark spots since these parts come in contact with the harmful sun rays, hence triggering the over production of melanin.


  1. Hormonal Imbalance

Another cause of brown posts is imbalance in hormone production. A lot of women have been dealing with this issue immediately or during pregnancy, while some women have had these dark spots post treatments with different estrogen quantities.


  1. Age

Time has no mercy and aside from leaving deep traces into the skin as you age, it can also result to the appearance of brown spots. There are a lot of people who never had brown spots all throughout their lives, but as they age, the skin can become more prone to brown spots.

  1. Acne, rashes and bruises

Various types of wounds, bruises as well as rashes can leave dark marks onto the skin. Despite the fact that scars are mostly a result of these instances, there are also cases where wounds or bruises do not totally heal and instead leave anesthetic marks and brown spots. Acne is also another major cause of brown spots particularly when the blackheads or pimples are picked continuously or in cases that no proper treatment is given in reaction to the acne.


There are other causes that can leave your skin with brown patches or spots. It is essential that you discover the cause of the appearance of brown spots and dark patches. In this way, you will know how to have these treated effectively. Each of the causes comes along with a personalized treatment that you should follow in order to triumphantly get rid of these skin woes for a lifetime.


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