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Quick home skincare treatment Tips
Quick home skincare treatment Tips

Quick home skincare treatment Tips

How will you manage to nurture the skin of your face and your body in the shortest time possible and with the products you have at home? We are happy to provide you with some tips that you must try yourself.

It is important to periodically refresh you skin complexion And, contrary to what you think, you do not have to visit a beautician for it, there are a few tricks you can do yourself at home, at your convenience.

Relaxing Eye Treatment

First and foremost, clean the skin with soap or with face lotion and wash with water, then wipe gently.

Ingredients: 2 cotton balls, chamomile tea.

Time required: 10-15 minutes (if you have more time, you can do if for a longer periods, right?)

Soak the cotton balls chamomile tea. Do not have chamomile tea? Soak the cotton balls in lukewarm water.

Now what to do? Close your eyes and Put the cotton balls on both eyes. It’s time to go to sleep on your back with your legs slightly raised. Lay in this position for about 5 minutes (or more if you have time).

Eye exercises:

while you’re lying on your back, Do a few exercises for the eyes full closed: send your gaze towards one temple , then the second temple . Keep looking, now one cheek, and then the other. Look to the tip of the nose, and finally roll the wheels of the eyes in all directions.

Finally, remove the cotton balls of your eyes. Wash your eye area with cold water and wipe gently. With light Movement pats, apply eye cream around the eyes and skin moisturizer on your face and neck (yes, now is the time to start putting on your makeup).

Stimulant treatment for face

Carefully clean your facial skin with soap and water or skincare lotion.

Ingredients: moisturizer, a towel, ice cubes (recommended with lemon juice).

Time required: Half an hour

Apply on you clean facial skin some skin moisturizer. Over the skin moisturizers place a towel soaked in hot water. Leave the towel on your face for fifteen minutes, lie down on your back with legs slightly raised. After removing the towel, rub into the skin the ice cubes (just like a facial massage). You can also massage the neck area. At the end of the massage, carefully wipe your face skin.

With a light Tap Movement, apply eye cream around the eyes and skin moisturizer on your face and neck. It’s time to start makeup.

Facial and Body care for the more dedicated

Body care: take a shower, and wash yourself in hot water, then rub the skin with Body skin peeling Scrub. When you are finished wash the peeling thoroughly with warm water. To finish things off with a bang complete the treatment with a quick stream of cold water, to accelerate the heart rate and blood flow.

Facial Treatment: Apply the face and neck area with an egg yolk mask mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil, and Lie on your back with your feet raised slightly. Dim the lights and relax with the mask on your face for 20 minutes. After the mask dries well, wash with lukewarm water. Put a towel soaked in warm water for a few minutes or more on the face. Lie on your back and lift legs up. Finally, remove the towel, and with a light tapping motion, apply eye cream and facial moisturizer. Continue to massage the area gently and in rounded motions. Finally, apply a body lotion all over for a feeling of perfect comfort.

  • Tip: Tilt your head down. Combing you hair in reverse (starting from the rear towards the forehead, and back). Treatment will improve blood circulation in the face and scalp.

Some for last:

Do a few breathing exercises: Open your mouth and preform a number of slow breathing exercises, inhaling and exhaling. Yes, with all the running around sometimes we forget to catch our breath. Oh yes – now ready to start slowly with makeup.

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