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Skin lightening active ingredients in cosmetics

Skin lightening Active Ingredients in Cosmetics

a beautiful girl with makeup and white skinFacial brown spots are a cosmetic significant accuracy to many people. Among the common causes of brown spots are skin infections, for example, like marks left by acne, burns, laser treatments, hair removal, stains originating from over-exposure to the sun and brown spots related to pregnancy or birth control pills.

First rule of brown spots skin car treatment is strict sun protection. Women that take birth control pills should consider switching to a different contraceptive.

All chemicals in use for skin lightening require several months of use to see any effects. Some irritate the skin at the beginning of treatment and some include active ingredients and require close monitoring by a dermatologist for best results.


Hydroquinone is found naturally in many plants including coffee, tea, beer and wine.

How Hydroquinone clarifies the skin?

Melanin is produced when the enzyme tyrosinase turns tyrosine to a substance called Melanin. Hydroquinone blocks the tyrosinase enzyme activity and thus prevents the conversion of tyrosine (colorless) into brown melanin. In some countries you can get treatment containing Hydroquinone only by prescription.

Generally it is not recommended to use Hydroquinone for more than 6 consecutive months.

Dermatologists tend to prescribe Hydroquinone compounds with other substances including Retin A or glycolic acid and vitamin C to achieve maximum efficiency. Hydroquinone is a relatively safe substance although in rare cses it might cause a sking condition called Ochronosis which actually darken the skin. The risk exists primarily in dark-skinned people.

Kojic Acid:

Kojic acid is produced from types of molds including Aspergillus and Penicilium Aspergilus. Used in the food industry to prevent darkening of ripe fruit. It is also used in Asia as a dietary supplement and cream in concentrations of between 1 and 4 percent.

How this Kojic Acid skin brightening treatment works?

Like Hydroquinone, Kojic acid also inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase and thus prevents the conversion to tyrosine melanin.

beautiful skin organic skin careHow to use Kojic Acid supplements?

Most products containing Kojic acid should be applied twice a day for 2 to 3 months. It can rarely develop irritation and dermatitis.

Arbutin, Bearberry:

Bearberry is a type of berries eaten by bears. Legend has it that bears eat it for medical effectiveness – despite the sour taste. The main ingredient in the fruit is called Arbutin. This ingredient has been shown to be effective in clarifying the skin – also by inhibiting tyrosinase.

Azelaic acid:

A natural substance produced from the fungi Pytiriosporum Ovale (known to cause skin sun spots). Azelaic acid inhibits the activity of melanocytes patches of skin and less affected by normal skin melanocytes. Azelaic acid concentration equal to 20 percent was found as effective as Hydroquinone concentration of 2 percent. The material is safe to use and can be applied topically twice a day for a year or more. Rarely it might cause redness and irritation.

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