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Skin Whitening Creams – Choose the One Appropriate to Your Skin Type and Color
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Skin Whitening Creams – Choose the One Appropriate to Your Skin Type and Color

whitening cream skin careThere have been a lot of reported cases where individuals have caused harm to their skin by making use of skin products that were not suited for a particular skin type. Irritations, wounds, depigmentation or hyperpigmentation as well as scarring are just few of the side effects of ointments, lotions and creams that were not prescribed for an individual’s skin type. In order to keep such horrifying thing from happening to your skin, it is totally beneficial to learn about the different skin types, skin color and the ingredients that work best for your skin.


Skin whitening is among the highly in demand skin treatments these days. Whether the procedure is only for getting rid of scarce dark spots or it is for absolute skin discoloration, such procedure is desired by millions of individuals all throughout the globe. However, a lot of these have no ample knowledge about their skin type or the different factors to consider that may affect their decision in choosing another product. If you are among those individuals who are in search for a suitable skin whitening product, you should consider skin color and your skin type.

skin whitening that suites any skin type

Basically, there are about three types of skin and these are the following: normal, oily and dry skin. The first skin type is the skin without any problem, moisturized, well balanced and desired by most individuals. The oily skin type is abundant in sebum and always glowing or appears shiny due to the excess sebum. This skin type has larger pores and vulnerable to acne. Oily skin still needs moisture since sebum is not considered as moisture like what others believe. Furthermore, dry skin is the skin type that is flaky, stretchy, looks tired and lacking in moisture. This type of skin is vulnerable to premature aging; hence special attention is required when taking care of it.


There are cases where an individual may have mixed skin type. Therefore, a person may possess a normal skin with some oily patches on some areas like the forearm, chin, noce or have a combined dry and normal skin.


Skin types an colors for skin whiteningMoving forward, there are about 6 skin colors and these can be ranked as follows: celtic or very light, light European or simply light, dark European or intermediate light, olive skin or dark intermediate, brown or dark skin and black skin or very dark skin. There are specific products that are suggested and prohibited to certain skin type and colors. Having a good knowledge of this will help you stay away from certain products like lotion, ointment, cream or soap that will cause further darkening, damage or make it too light. Also, you will be more capable of selecting products that do not only act to whiten skin, but also takes care of the skin properly and gives extra moisture.


The most ideal way to learn about your skin type is by taking time to visit the dermatologist. They will help you know about the type of ingredients that works well for you and which skin whitening product should be avoided.


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