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Sun Skin Whitening: Everything You Need to Know about Skin Color

Skin problems are one of the most common health issues that people all throughout the globe need to face. If you are among those individuals who have to face brown spots and skin darkening on certain body areas, then you should learn about how the skin functions, so that the best solution for the problem will be revealed. At the same time, this will help these people understand the most efficient ways to prevent the appearance of these skin problems.


Primarily, you need to have a clear knowledge about skin color which is composed of three major components: blood vessels, carotene and melanin. Each of these elements plays a huge role in establishing skin color of all individuals. Hence, the existence of melanin provides the skin its darker shade. The carotene is accountable for giving the skin that yellowish tone particularly to people with Asian descent. The blood vessels that are visible to the skin typically provide the skin its pinkish tone. All of these components in almost all cases combine together leading to the skin tone of a certain individual.

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You certainly have the idea by now that these brown patches or dark spots on the skin that you need to face are mainly because of increased melanin production. This is a substance that is accountable for skin darkening also plays a role when it comes to blocking UV rays coming from the sun to damage or affect the sweat glands and the skin layers. Hence, in case of sun exposure, melanin levels are increasing and this result to a tan tint. When melanin fails to counter or harmonize the harmful effects of the sun, skin damages and sun burns are most likely to happen. In addition, since skin patches respond to sun aggression differently, permanent brown spots or dark patches may become apparent on the skin.


This is the reason why it is highly essential to protect your skin from the damaging sun rays. It is especially the case if you have white or sensitive skin type. Basically, white skin is lacking in melanin making it more prone to skin burns that may lead to scarring in the future. This form of skin damage can affect your skin for a lifetime.


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