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is anal bleaching a real thing

Is anal bleaching a real Thing

Is anal bleaching a proper cosmetic procedure? Yes it is. Anal bleaching or intimate area whitening is the process of clarifying and whitens the skin tone around the anus. Since when did this obsession start? This treatment actually started getting popular in the U.S because it was common for adult film stars erotic dancers to do so. From there intimate ...

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skin whitening ingrediantes

Skin Whitening Products – Use More Active Ingredients for Better Results

Skin care products industry generated revenues in past years by selling goods that promise to remove brown spots and whiten skin instantly. But then, although this industry generated $45 billion dollars in profit these promises turned at times to be faulty. Hence, majority of skin whitening merchandise that can be bought on the market are not as effective as what ...

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anal bleaching facts

Facts on Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching is the process of bleaching the darker pigmentation on or around the anus, which leaves a lighter skin tone, more similar to your natural skin type. In many cases, women that opt to go through the lightening process are worried that their anal area might appear too dark. This fear might even hinder them from having an intimate ...

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south beach whitening intimate area cream

Intimate and Bright – South Beach Skin Brightening Review

We all want to look as good as we possibly can, build great confidence in our appearance, especially when thinking of the most intimate areas of the body. South Beach Company has developed a natural skin brightening product created specifically for use in intimate areas, with years of proven results. With advanced formulas South Beach is natural and doesn’t contain ...

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Skin lightening active ingredients in cosmetics

Skin lightening Active Ingredients in Cosmetics

Facial brown spots are a cosmetic significant accuracy to many people. Among the common causes of brown spots are skin infections, for example, like marks left by acne, burns, laser treatments, hair removal, stains originating from over-exposure to the sun and brown spots related to pregnancy or birth control pills. First rule of brown spots skin car treatment is strict ...

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