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advantages and disadvantages of each skin type

Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Skin Type

Your skin condition is primarily affected by genetics; it is also affected by your lifestyle and age. Thus, the younger you were when you began maintaining a healthy lifestyle the better chance you have flexible, oily, young, smooth and shiny skin in an older age. With age, exposure to environmental damage and moisture decreases your skin might becomes increasingly dry. ...

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skin whitening ingrediantes

Skin Whitening Products – Use More Active Ingredients for Better Results

Skin care products industry generated revenues in past years by selling goods that promise to remove brown spots and whiten skin instantly. But then, although this industry generated $45 billion dollars in profit these promises turned at times to be faulty. Hence, majority of skin whitening merchandise that can be bought on the market are not as effective as what ...

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What Kind of Skin Types are there and why is it so important beautiful white skin

What Kind of Skin Types are there?

Believe it or not there are actually five different skin types. Each type of skin has some good qualities to it and they each have their drawbacks. We all know this situation were most families eventually buy one kind of soap and everyone in the family that is supposed to bathe with it. I hope you understand that following this ...

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How to Treat Each Kind of Skin Type - skin care experts

How to Treat Each Kind of Skin Type

Each skin type requires a different treatment to keep them clean, radiant, and healthy. How to treat oily skin You need to gently wash this type of skin twice a day to remove the excess oil. You may think that because the skin has excess oil it has no need for moisturizing creams and lotions, but you would be incorrect ...

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