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How to Treat Folliculitis
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How to Treat Folliculitis

Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles due to bacteria, virus that has attached itself to the end.  There are several different causes for Folliculitis, and before we can talk about treatments you must understand what causes this disease. The most common causes are tight clothing and friction of clothing on your skin, sweating a whole lot can cause it, acne and other skin conditions such as dermatitis, and last but not least medical dressings on the skin such as wraps or bandages. We all know some of these things are unavoidable so unfortunately prevention cannot be one hundred percent guaranteed.

Who is at Risk of Folliculitis?

The good part is, not everyone is at risk for getting Folliculitis. How do you know if you are at risk? Answer these simple questions and you will be able to decide if you are at high risk for getting Folliculitis.

  • Do you have Leukemia or Diabetes’s?
  • Do you have any traumatic skin injuries or long term acne?
  • Are you being exposed to a heated swimming pool, hot tub or have obesity?

If you answered no to all of these questions then you are not at high risk for Folliculitis. If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then you should talk to your doctor about your risk for getting these infections on your hair follicles.

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Folliculitis Treatments

There are several different treatments for Folliculitis and they all depend on type of condition you suffer from. If you have topical Folliculitis (Topical in contrast with enteral), then you can possibly treat it with a slight change of life style. Do things like use a different kind of razor, wear different styles of clothes, use compresses on your skin and avoid hot areas. It also might even include taking antibiotics or small amounts of topical skin cream to clear the condition. The condition may not be severe enough and might even clear up on its own. If you have deep Folliculitis, then you will possibly have to have the boils drained by incisions cut into them made by your treating doctor. Creams that can reach deep down into the follicle can be applied as well as oral corticosteroids.

Change Your Life in Order to Treat Folliculitis  

Every Folliculitis is different but one thing remains the same, there are some things you can do in your life to prevent an outbreak of these symptoms. Warm compresses to the area after you realize that it is flaring up will relieve the pain somewhat. You can wash with oatmeal baths to help dry the infection out of your skin and make your skin not as itchy and flaky. If your skin is already irritated, never shave. This can only make the problem worse and cause you more pain. Never share towels, washcloths, or clothes that have come into contact with the infection. This can easily spread the condition from one person to the next.

Getting rid of this skin disease is almost impossible, but there are ways to prevent the outbreaks. Treating Folliculitis just depends on what type you have and how severe it is. Talk to your doctor if you are at high risk for contracting this rash.

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