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How to Treat Each Kind of Skin Type - skin care experts
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How to Treat Each Kind of Skin Type

Each skin type requires a different treatment to keep them clean, radiant, and healthy.

How to treat oily skin

You need to gently wash this type of skin twice a day to remove the excess oil. You may think that because the skin has excess oil it has no need for moisturizing creams and lotions, but you would be incorrect in this assumption. Oily skin does not mean that it is well nourished skin. You want to apply a light moisturizing cream each day to the skin to help replenish the moisture content not the oil content.

Do not scrub at oily areas of skin. Do not buy the harsh cleansers and bombard your skin with them. You need daily cleansing with soft cloths. You skin produces too much oil and punishing it will not cause it to stop producing the excess oil. When you punish your skin with extreme measures all you get is red irritated skin that is oily.

How to Treat Each Kind of Skin Type - dry skin

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How to treat dry skin

Dry skin needs moisture every day. Apply good moisturizers each day after you cleanse the skin. You should only shower or bathe once a day when you have dry skin. The excess bathing can further dry the skin out. You want to shorten the length of the baths you take. You want to apply a good moisturizing cream after each bath. You can re-apply your moisturizer throughout the day as you feel the need. When your skin starts to feel taut you can apply the cream or ointment to help sooth it and replenish some of the moisture.

Remember that the sun and the wind take moisture out of skin. Protect your skin when you are going to be outdoors in the elements. Wear sunscreen to prevent burns, wear moisturizers, and wear protective clothing like hats and long sleeved shirts.

Use a mild soap when you have dry skin. Dry skin becomes irritated easier than oily skin does. Never use deodorant soaps on dry skin. Deodorant soaps will further dry out the skin and cause irritation to occur.


How to treat combination skin

Combination skin presents a unique problem. You have oily places that need extra cleansing and dry places that need extra moisturizing. Clean the skin with mild cleansers and moisturize with mild creams. Re-apply the ointments to the dry areas as frequently as needed.

How to treat sensitive skin

Buy the soaps and products made for sensitive skin. Try each new product on a small test area before applying over large portions of your body. Read the labels and know what your skin can tolerate and what it cannot.

How to treat normal skin

Normal skin can handle almost any soap or beauty product. You do not want to use harsh cleansers too frequently because you can dry the skin out. You want to cleanse daily with mild soaps and be sure to use sunblock and moisturizers. Normal skin only requires the moisturizer to be applied once a day, but get this regimen started to protect the skin you have.

photo credit: Shandi-lee via photopin cc

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